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Untitled - Das Synthetische Mischgewebe - Le Vide Pour Appui (CD)

Buying this medium does not interfere with criminal law. Condition: a bit of knowledge and a playback device. Der Erwerb zieht keine weitere strafrechtliche Verfolgung nach sich!

The first recordings were strongly influenced by the 80s pop-music with bands such as Depeche Mode or Duran Duran. For 5 years: silence! In both members decided to reanimate Kein Zweiter. Several recordings were done and in , a yet not released 7inch ";Dein Armband schmatzt"; was recorded. That was in The Kein Zweiter sound has changed a lot during the years. An voyage through the labyrinthine mind of Column One Live-Mitschnitte aus den Wohnzimmern der 60er Jahre. Oh Baby-Baby Kacke-Kacke!

Unterdessen bedient sich der Erwachsene selbst der Apparatur. Er spricht sein Tagebuch auf Band. Mein Bruder ist nazifiziert, meine Schwester ist nazifiziert, und nun sind wir alle entnazifiziert. Limitiert auf Tracklist: Go Uite Than - Four Haseled Die schlafende Haselnuss Beze Lowcz Li Die stille Fotografie.

The first full length album of MOWE is a 50 minute collage of fieldrecordings, accoustic and electronic instruments combined with different materials of the ether. Ihre Glieder waren zweifelsohne voller Gedanken an den Abstieg. Und dann aus dem Haus The aim of the commune was to create a closed subsystem, a kind of subsociety and to narrow down its contact to the outside world only on very few specific actions. The Chen Yi commune never was interested in producing records, some of the members even refused any form of release whatsoever.

In one member released a tape edition called ";Hanging";. The title referred to the first 3 english witches who were hanged in Chelmsford, where the commune house was located. This cassette was sent to various record companies. About 7 tracks were produced for the first Chen Yi LP This left unfinished tapes of an LP. The material on this LP contains completely finished song-material aswell as rough session-recordings using early electronic studio equipment.

Comes in a LP Deluxe-Box. Comes in A5 folder includes 8 cards extra. Comes in A5 folder includes 6 cards extra.

Comes in a CD folder with a set of 11 postcards. This box is limited to copies! Shake Hands With Mr. Ringling A2. Med Vegsalt Original Version B1. No One B2.

Bruit B3. Mask Conversation B4. World Transmission 1: The Plane B. Tyr RK Children Dogma Baby Dog James Odyssee Therapy Plastic THX Tyr Reprise Dream Box Soundtrack A1 Gnaw B1 Unlimited Repetition B2 Revolve Column One - Waikiki Target Market Research - Diary Reverse Error - Britney 1 Andrew Loadman - Britney 2 Black Jewish Gays - Untitled Error - I Was Never Confident Andrew Loadman - Britney 3 Column One - Justin Column One - Rules Andrew Loadman - Dad Andrew Loadman - Britney 4 Column One - Untitled Solter, A.

Vogler - Huch! Ich Tat Es Schon Wieder. Mylo Nelin - Untitled Essiskil Lingme - Untitled This is overlaid with tribal-esque rhythms provided by various percussive instruments; drum kit, djembe, tabla, wood blocks, etc.

With this combination, they create a roiling tapestry of both rhythmic and ambient sound, a sound simulataneously prim ev al and avant-garde.

The disc is packaged in a special cardboard digisleeve with varnished images. The Circle Is Not Round 3. Desire Is Suffering 4. Prajna Pink vinyl in gatefold sleeve! One of the longest trip for the first Jennifer Gentle North American tour. They play at the Academy of Fools, a sort of garage converted as an Art Gallery: a big open space, low ceiling, completely empty, walls without anything, no stage, no audio system, just a microphone.

It seams the beginning of a bad night, on the contrary due to the wonderful view and the beautiful Californian Sun, or just for themselves and their fans, the Jennifer Gentle decided to play anyway; not their usual repertory to much noisy but just an improvisation made by their instinct. The result was a hypno jam session, relaxed, honeiric. Packaging in a de-luxe and elegant fold-out cover. LP comes in a Gatefold Sleeve. Guitarist, violinist, performer on numerous traditional instruments, composer, leader of the Acid Mothers Temple, Kawabata Makoto express in this solo performance all his mantric cosmical vocation to space sonorities!

He took inspiration from the Popul Vuh homonymous album of the seventies ";Hosanna Mantra";, during his visit to A Silent Place head quarter in late Winter In a sunny Sunday noon spent in the country-side, eating and drinking Apulian specialities and listening to some great experimental records, Makoto and his Italian friends Pierpaolo and Pasquale, took the decision to start this cooperation. Comes in a luxurious gatefold sleeve!

The material comes from a whole session recorded in a mysterious location of the Western Alps, directly transferred to cd using neither overdubs nor outtakes, practice which the Opalio bros have made us addicted to. For the entire lenght of its 40 minutes, the piece will stifle you the breath because of its so pure essence and intimate mood; a mystic, suffocated chant reminding the silence of ancient rituals, the ultimate exorcism to avert the Infinite Pain.

Limited edition of copies only as vinyl picture disc 12inch LP with psychedelic artwork! The debut of Microstoria lim. Slap Top A3. File Care A4. Ecclectrig A5. Fund B1. Zuhause B2. Edu B3. Pokus B4. Communerism B5. Gezischel Im Fremdorient Remix by F. Randomiz B2. Abdon A2.

Dirtum A3. UVW B1. Ranidam B2. Lormschoblei B3. Subsub B4. Schlammpeitziger: Love it or hate it! Therenothing between it. Experimental Pop in high quality. Hirnrindenritt A2. Honkytonk Schlickummpittz A3.

Hallimaschbomba im Kreisverkehr A4. Bienenkopfkorbgeflecht B2. Mausefaltenfripp B3. Spacerokkmountainrutsch B4. Second vinyl release of Phthalocyanine Tracklist: A1. Jax 57 Or Jist A2. BGI U A3. NAVYj3 B1. Fer U2 B2. West After. Zwischenzischbericht A3. Carbidboybeule A4. Kontrablabastel A5. Quietschquarklaute A6. Schlafatemwagen A7. Ackerpeller I B1. Klapperhofohrkester B5. Beingodick B6. Ackerpeller II. Atman 2. Param 3. Krieger 4.

Cue 7. Whitening Rays Mixed Choir Summer Salt The 3-D Picture Before Beginning Where Vivid Bloomed Paper Aeroplanes Antipathy Whisper Ebbing All The Years Ghost Blocks. The tracks on disc one are a collage made from all the live performances given by the band, with the exception of 8th November , which is contained in its entirety on the second disc. Untitled 1. Untitled 2. The Forde Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland Great if you like your electro pop dark and psychotic.

The Great Millipede. Tones and drones and back again. The soundsample contains a part of every side. Tracklist: A. Ammo - Terra Amata B.

Please welcome the return of Dronaement on Afe Records after the huge success of the ";Yr"; experimental masterpiece in Dronaement is active since and is the main musical project of Marcus Obst who lives in the South area of what once was East Germany. Marcus is also involved in the Das Rhythmische Ornament experimental drone-punk duo and runs a small label called Nauze [Muzick]. His newest Oscillator solo project had its first album out in mp3 format on the Nauze [Muzick] website.

Unter Menshen"; is the fully remastered re-version of the tape originally released on Nauze [Muzick] back in The first long track entitled ";Allein It is a beautifully calm drone played on the G tone, which is the tone of the day, and is meant to induce a state of meditation into the listener. Unter Menschen"; is another very long track, some kind of a floating collage constructed from hours of field recordings taken in a big railstation hall in Leipzig, Germany.

The last track, ";Abriss"; is a short but beautiful exclusive addition to this CD-R re-release. It brings back memory of some of the atmospheres found on ";Yr";.

Dronaement is clearly one of the most talented drone-based music project around and ";Allein Unter Menschen"; is a nice rediscover of one of his earliest releases. Track List: 1. Unter Menschen 3. Abriss ltd. First regular CD release on Afe Records in triple folder cardboard sleeve. The album concept is focused on the uselessness of time calculation compared to the precision of time itself.

Samstag 5 Oktober A. Sonntag 6 Oktober A. Montag 7 Oktober A. Dienstag 8 Oktober A. Mittwoch 9 Oktober A. Donnerstag 10 Oktober A. Freitag 11 Oktober A. Samstag 12 Oktober A. Sonntag 13 Oktober A. Montag 14 Oktober A. Limited to copies in a special wooden package.

Liner Notes:";Peak Experience"; was the very first widely available Maeror Tri cassette, it was released in in two versions: the first was released by the american cassette label Harsh Reality Music, the second appearead later on the german label Bestattungsinstitut.

The first version had two tracks ";Small Faces"; and ";Growing Rotation"; which were replaced by two never tracks ";Cursed Colours"; and ";Endless Space"; on the second version. This CD-R re-release is a fully remastered version of the german edition. Tracks 1 to 5 the A side of the original cassette showcase the harsher and raw industrial roots of the band, while tracks 6 to 11 the B side of the original cassette point towards more dark ambient areas.

The track ";Boundary To Insanity"; was a live improvised harsh noise opera that existed in different versions. This re-release of ";Peak Experience"; contains the relatively short fifth version.

BarakaH, June Tracklist: My Electrocution Sneaking Movement Sensory Deprivation Cursed Colours Talita Kum! Translucent Vault Wovoka The Threat Endless Space The Last Perception Limited to numbered copies only. Exclusive tracks which are NOT on the 12inch! Nice Glitch and Breakcore compilation on grey vinyl.

Nalpas - Good Morning B1. This is no. Asche - Invasion A2. Asche - Drill-Exp. Asche - Emplastix B1. Morgenstern - Relaxatio II Cover is a booklet with nekromantik paintings by J. Incineration A2. Ascension A3. Waiting A4. Red Waves B2. Carbon B3. Clamp B4. Carcinogenic Liquid Probe La Mise En Rayon Ton Style La Victime Volontaire Joue Avec Moi Le Joueur Tu Es Perdu Le Dernier Vivant Le Spectre La Boite A Musique Ulrich Krieger plays on one track too - cackling and free improvisation galore.

Irl A2. Frognose A3. Modula A4. Ahai A5. Foud B1. Jada B2. Monir Limited edition of copies! Bruxelles I [] 6. Bruxelles II [] 7. Bruxelles III [] 8. The play a fascinating and restless mix of trombone noises and real time sampling and electronics. Paul Hubweber began with trombone studies in mainly concentrating on improvised music.

He has developed his own special ";trombone voice"; and his musical focus. It is the special affinity for the balladic and the noisy, i. The description for music tones, sounds, noises as totally independent from stereotypes like extemporization and composition - ";Home is where the heart is!

International concert tours and festivals, e. Since the early 90ies he has been working as a percussionist in Salsa ensembles. Power Electronic, Noise and Industrial compilation. Lowlife - Chantal Was 13 Pesthauch - Die Zeit bleibt stehen und die Welt verendet Atrax Morgue - No-End Torture Sickness - Nihilistic Bereft - Sanity Grunt - Dysfunctional Family Rats With Wings - Unmanned Drone What Happens - Session 5.

One of the best recordings of both noise ambient artist on this split. Tracklisting: 1. Evapori - Bewegungen Akt I 2. Evapori - Bewegungen Akt II 3. After the great c90 now a new great recording of Oliver Peters on CDr. Gestaltung des Zerfalls 2. Formalismen 3. Der architektonische Raum 4. Irritierende Ambivalenz 5. Platz der Ereignisse 7.

Die unerlaubten Terassen Herzmaschinenchor LEM Version 2. Past Futura Breathing Gadgets Movement II Two works referring to the passive or active state of drifting. Being part of a mass implies a lack of selfcontrolled movement, the mass inertness is part of every individual, even if you try to change direction the code of the old movement still cannot be escaped.

Evapori - Untitled 1. Evapori - Untitled 2. Totstellen - Walk Through It Gleis3eck Part 1. Gleis3eck Part 2 2. Messenger 2. Banking7 3. Dateiverwaltung 4. Intkom On his first solo release in some years, Hamburg based Jetzmann presents an exceptional, unclassifiable piece on AIC.

Totally opposed to that, ";Unter die Deutschen"; supports the continuously valid notion that the Germans are not necessarily to be trusted So kam ich unter die Deutschen 2. Indessen wandelt harmlos droben das Gestirn AICdisc Sonata Rec "; Heidrun Schramm aka.

Sonata Rec continues her selfcontained path on her second 3inch release on AIC, with associative and ambiguous sampling collages, sparse yet of high intenseness.

This music is rare in its density comprised of few elements , in its broken narrative aspects and in its pure sound sensitivity.

The work "; Es waere Einmal Formfindung Technoplasmabiotop A2. Entgleiste Warenrhetorik A5. Schwarm anorganisch B1. Fortress Europe Exodus B2. Dislocated String Quartet 1 B3. Anti-Ressentiment Ausdruck einer bewussten Geistigkeit B1.

Drall B3. Selbstexil B4. Reflektierter Impuls. I like Totstellen anyway. But this is the best release ever. A must have! Totstellen - Non-Static Fragmentation A2. Totstellen - End Of B1. The computer allows the mixing process of the different samples, the latter creating the breathing of the machine. The instrument gives voice to the machine. The spatialization of the different sources in the audio field can be then organized as an orchestra in which each instrument would be an edited part of a guitar sound, played simultaneously as if by severals musicians following a pattern.

Each sound has its own identity and only varies when added to another, or more, which creates the dynamic of the piece. It is the freezing of fragments revoicing a moment, in another language. Thata very nice album with remixes by: androvirus frgmnt lifeloop ohmnoise kdonovan flexfitte extd. Great Mystic Ambient. Santa Maria Formosa Campo Ghetto Nuovo Palazzo, Viale 4 Novembre Carnevale Palazzo Ducale Sestiere San Marco Palazzo, Viale 4 Novembre II Acqua Alta Bacino Di San Marco Carnevale II Fondamente Delle Zattere Santa Maria Zubenigo Great Power Electronics from Sirayat A2.

Leitbild A3. Dangerous Gases A4. Out Of Control A5. I Want You A6. Yaum Ed Din B1. The Lost Age B2. Good Grief B4. I Give My Soul Recording of a fine live performance which took place in Braunschweig. Incredible beautiful and melancholic ambience interrupted by outbursts of repetitve noise loops and tribal-like rhythms. A must-hear! Fine qualitiy due to directly recording on CD from the mixer! High quality album cover with spine. The artwork evokes a monochrome ";industrial"; atmosphere, at the same time beautiful and melancholic, just like the music Part 1 Movements B.

Part 2 Movements Dark Ambient based on the theories of Wilhelm Reich. Oranur III A2. Dark Eyes A3. L5 A4. Coital Affirmation A5.

DOR Manifestations B1. Orop Desert EA B3. We Just Got Tired B4. Romain Slocombe, French painter and photographer with a penchant for Japanese women with multiple complex fractures of every bone in their frail bodies, encased in plaster casts, heavy bandages, with their arms in slings and with band-aids.

Book: soft cover, 15OO copies, 72 pages, 22x27 cm, 30 color paintings. Deep and slow rhythms with Soundscapes. This cd will imagine you in a foggy forest in the north of europe at the middle age. Jotunheimen Finnmark Old Man Walking Really Trolls Fjell Og Fjord Polarnights Hardanger Vidda Tussen Man Of Aran At The Waterfall Beginning Great for meditation. Through The Void 2. Twilight Garden 3. From Behind The Shadows 4. Soham 5. The Fragrance Of Eternal Roses 6. Evening Afterglow Two type of sleeves exist: one has blue, the other has orange characters.

Gathering 2. Concealment 3. Knowledge 4. Journey Limited to 65 copies. Ambient with a strange feeling and guitar harmonies. At The Shore A2. Trails B1. Monotone Spirits B2. Ant Architects Limited to copies. Secondary Master 3. Choke Down 4. Existence 5. Red Waves 6. Continuity 7. The Encounter III. First collaboration between Asmus Tietchens and drummer Jon Mueller. Recorded by Mars F. Wellink Vance Orchestra. Mid-Atlantic Rift 2. Limited edition of copies, CD in full colour paper sleeve.

It features one ongoing stream of grey, heavy and disturbing noises. It contains blocks of solid and almost material sounds, causing a physicality and urgency to the ";music"; which is rare to find these days. He studied music and composition for many different teachers and composers in Poland, Sweden, France and Netherlands.

Karkowski has presented his work in more then 30 countries on nearly all continents. He is convinced that it is a responsibility of an artist in present time to travel and move and work around the World in order to learn and understand different cultures and traditions and discover truth about us and our planet.

He also strongly believes that geographical, political and social exile is a necessary condition for true creation. And true creation is the only act that really matters. Since he is based in Tokyo - Japan where he collaborates closely with japanese underground noise- and experimental artists.

He is not interested in traditional definition of what is music, in his opinion all theory and systems of music as a cultural concepts have to be destroy ed. So in his latest work his main concern is on realizing drama with sound electronic and acoustic walls with scores based on architectures of ruins.

Directs his own ensemble which does not have a name, and is made up of musicians who have the same musical preoccupations - rupture.

Has definitively integrated the computer into the very heart of his work, as a tool of thought and composition, and as a live instrument, hybridising more traditional instruments if necessary, or working on the sheer electronic noise. Limited edition of copies, handnumbered sleeve. Second collaborative effort between german sound manipulation pioneer Asmus Tietchens and american improv-drummer Jon Mueller.

The CD features 8 tracks that run up to 53 minutes. Jon Mueller on the second collaboration: ";The previous collaboration between Asmus and I involved me using only sounds derived from drum heads. The performance of the percussion material was from various non-mechanical techniques striking, swinging gongs, extended techniques, etc. The completeness that is Acht Stuecke is of breathtaking beauty and simplicity and complexity at the same time.

It emanates a warm and deep sound evolving out of total soundless blankness as it seems. Jmat 8 2. Jmat 9 3. Jmat 10 4. Jmat 11 5. Jmat 12 6. Jmat 13 7. Jmat 14 8. Jmat 15 Feldaufnahmen I is the first release in a series of pure filed recordings by german multi-disciplinary experimental group Column One.

The 12 recordings where collected in east Germany in the Polenztal within the mountain range called Elbsandsteingebirge in with the simplest equipment.

The recordings where edited and rearranged by Robert Schalinski in Berlin in Feldaufnahmen I is a new phase for Column One who have continued to change and evolve in their musical career.

The group was renowned for post-industrial atmospheres, media collages and cut-up dadaist humor now they enter the terrain of sound ecology with their own twist. The 12 pieces on the disc radiate with beauty - they demonstrate the full spectrum of sounds that can be found in any relatively quiet natural resort: dogs barking, humming of insects, crackling of twigs, footsteps, wind and more.

The 16 pages booklet presents full colour reproductions of photographs taken by Column One in the area where the sounds were recorded. Les Insectes I Les Insectes II Les Insectes III Double DVD release documneting a sound and video installtion done by Marc Behrens in , dealing with the sounds, images and people of one specific urban area in Cologne, Germany.

Great collaborative effort presenting a mixture of subtle wildlife field recordings, beautifully swelling drones, electroacoustic passages and amplified silences. Comes in a nice full colour digipak designed by Pierre Redon. Pierre Redon - Printemps 2. Toy Bizarre - Automne - kdi dctb [e] 4. Pierre Redon - Hiver This double disc set includes some of the most unusual sounds you will have heard from Carl Michael von Hausswolff.

The story goes like this. His classic sound combining low frequency rumblings, very monotonous oscillations and hissy non-narrative sequences was deemed too confusing for the commutors. This music can now be heard for the first time on disc 1. These only make use of the very basic pre-set industry sounds included in the Yamaha QY22 and show a new side to the von Hausswolff sound.

Very simple, post-nuclear lounge music. These four tracks — you guessed it! Art is a three-letter word William S. Burroughs Tracklist: Not Accepted Music 1. Perhaps I Arrive Accepted Music 2. Gate 1 2. Gate 2 2. Gate 3 2. Gate 4 Released for the European tour Blau B. Rot Interviews mit: C. Two mysterious soundscapes featuring the CoC trademarks of rumbling ambient noises and distant voices. Newly added is a distorted beat boxc rhythm in the fore.

Biosemiotic Experiments B. Heartbeats of Mating Galaxies Another must have not only for Multer fans. Schauzeichen A2. Ritzen B1. A Youth Sky A2. Doubleclick Countryside A3. Moth In A Stargate B3. Through The Barricades. Comes in a special octagon shaped cardboard covers including an 6 panel textured cardboard sleeve. Comes in an 6 panel cardboard covers with astounding silver-coloured drawings.

A barbarous, sonic paradox suggesting the subtle arousal of the ancestry in flesh, a work both soothing and threatening to the intuitive mind. Gate Of All Directions 2. Bestial Waves 3. Green Spring Ferocity 4. MaUrMa 5. Skinning The Skies 6. The Immediate Body Drama 7. The Phantom Root 8. Siren Flakes 9. The Copulation Of Mirrors The very first part of the Aural Holograms series incorporates various call and response patterns manifesting vibrating, subtle energies, all of which have been accurately divided into separate rhythmic dimensions and time-shifting aural tapestries.

The overall experience - i. Comes in six-panel hand finished cardboard booklet, in an edition of 1. Before The Great Stone 2. Beyond The Black Deep This work apply mostly to minimalist and romantic consonances which are filling the air. Amazing soundscape as could be expected from this unique and unpredictable artist. Igor Krutogolov : bass with bow, strings, voice, keyboards, objects, flute, birds Ido Azaria : bells Yariv Talmor : rain Tracklist: 1.

White I 2. White II 3. White III 4. White IV 5. White V 6. White VI 7. White VII Cardstock gatefold sleeve with booklet insert. A picture of the city as a living organism - growing, dying, being reborn. The story of civilisation. A full, almost bombastic, sound driven by trademark militaristic drumming and strings pull against gothically spectral vocals to serve as a vision of strength beset by war, weakness and fate. With Massive Attack's Sarah Jay Hawley singing on three tracks, including the pathos-dripping 'Tempered Wings', 'Era' is fragile yet beautiful and strong yet sweet.

The release has not a single letter on the sleeve or the media. This time the duo is working on seven funny texts from another international avant-garde movement, the Daily-Bul born at La Louviere at the end of the fifties.

These sardonic and insane interpretations of texts from Balthazar, the Piqueray brothers, Pol Bury, etc. She has released five albums to date, originally on the German label, Hyperium Records, but in more recent years with the French label Prikosnovenie.

This is a reissue of album originally released on Hyperium. Searing, grating electronics, mind-melting granularity, ferocious jet-engine sonic blasts and flesh-rending nastiness all combine to bring us a worthy paean to an already lost cause.

In standard jewelcase with 6-page fold out booklet. Kadaver is Michael Zolotov, a Tel Aviv-based noise musician and is the man behind Israel's most extreme music project. As well as his musical assaults, he is also a painter, poet, philosopher and a true nihilist misanthrope.

Rituals of earth and hardly discernible faceprints A crossing of two guiding forces under the soil Coming back through fingers A perfect mix of martial industrial and neofolk elements with a bit of electronic industrial tunes.

The release comes in a deluxe full-colour embossed digisleeve with partial UV-laquering. The music is more or less a follow up to classical SPK music like "Leichenschrei" - hard aggressive screams, rhythms, and noise loops with a partly tribal touch.

All produced with old analog equipment. If there is a music to be labeled "old school" than here it is! The music is cold dark wave, played in an atmospheric and romantic way this is Italian! Roberto creates music which paints an atmospheric pictures in the listeners head. The whole album is true masterpice of art sombre. Thats a magic heathen adventure on a modern industrial highway, where instead of urban smog you have starlit vaults, and dripping honey, milk and resin instead of gasoline Choose your trip.

Choose amber vision. CD includes 9 tracks and special printed lay-out. Quite unusual CD sleeve with fleecy cardboard and corset-style lacing. Packed in an epochal attainment of Russian science and industry - a plasic box, developed, designed and patented don't even think of copying - you'll be sued! Started by global immersion in the endless deeps of space, continiued by social-surrealistic drone drawing, ending by electroacoustic picture mufled in drone blanket.

Design - wax pastels, album paper. The continuous tapestry was recorded during the night of May 8th on the "ex-mental stage" of the international open air festival "Systo Togethering " held in the woods of Leningrad region.

Frequency moves in the body of voice and outside, pulsations, permanent ambient movements-trans-formation, a journey tale with a shaman to the dwellings of primordial elements.

The artwork features views of Finnish gulf opening in early May morning. Cardboard sleeve unique for each copy, 3 cards. Lutyi -- "Arkasha come on! Lutyi -- "A View from Vzglyad iz Noise-ambient loops with soft guitar, paver-electronics-martial with marching drums and distorted vocals, droning prison noise, a cover-version of Arkadiy Severny Russian rogue-chanson singer For the most beautiful Moscow girl in a world. For Natalya Katkova!

Space ambient, post-rock, criminal aesthetics of Soviet times - don't forget to pour a glass or two during the listening - it will be appropriate!

Dedicated to dear Natalya Katkova. Mellow and delicate electronica mixed with acoustic instruments to shape fresh and new atmospheres. The Moon and the Nightspirit was formed in by Agnes and Mihaly.

It is a mystical journey into the amaranthine realm of dreams and beauty, long-forgotten by modern man. A journey inspired by pagan fables, ancient Hungarian folk music and nature itself This time they have traveled further into times bygone, rekindling the flames of the Taltos Hungarian shaman and reawakening the spirits of the Elders.

The music has acquired a more varied and colorful tone through the use of varied ethnic instrumentation such as kaval, tapan, jew's harp or zither , and has also become significantly more energetic and vibrant, without sacrificing the unique ambiance that the band had found on their debut album They come in the form of poems - chants dedicated to Mother Earth, the spiritual world and the ancient wisdom, and have also served, together with the music, as inspiration for several superb paintings that Agnes has produced to illustrate the album.

These three elements music, lyrics and illustrations form a strong unity, and only with the existence of these three does "Rego Rejtem" become a whole Russian issue comes with artwork which is a bit different from original Equilibrium release. The tracks of the band were presented both in Russian and foreign compilations of the dark scene.

The musical press gives excellent reviews on all Moon Far Away creations. You can find picture of the band as the centerfold in German magazine Zillo. Belovodie is the first studio disk in last five years and the third full-frame studio album in the history of the band. Like previous releases of Moon Far Away Belovodie has it's own concept. From the very beginning the band underlines in different ways the ritual component in it's creative work and it's closeness to ancient traditions.

And at the same time journalists were asked by the question - why does the band ignore in it's creative work the Russian north tradition theme that is the subject of interest of the musicians?

So that is the moment! The new album almost all consists of folk songs of the Arkhangelsk state in original arrangement of Moon Far Away. Without any doubt we could say that from this album the development of the Russian gothic culture have started. And this album have demonstrated west the main point of the Russian gothic.

We could compare "Lado World" with corner stone on which Russian dark scene was built. In spite of the fact that the upper floors of this building look more modern in some way, the basis is always the basis - "Lado World" was the beginning of everything. The privilege of the classic is that fact that we always get back to it In this album very different and at first sight incompatible durations, cultures and folk characters are combined.

But all this is combined in very deep fundamental way. It's the hymn to the eternal run of the nature and it's reflection in human existence This Shadowplay release is not just reprint. This release includes two disks. The first one is new version of the "Lado World" album that was released in on the famous Russian label Exotica Records remastering of the year was maid by Emily A.

The second one is called "anti-Lado World" and presents 17! The lyrical themes of their music are exclusively Celtic or, more precisely, Gaelic , and a good portion of the songs are sung or chanted in Scottish Gaelic. Apart from being involved with The Moors, and designing and constructing his own instruments, wide-range fretless guitar and bowed two-string fretless viola are two prime examples, Scott has under his belt many production credits Love noise.

Post-Soviet analogue ambient and soft noise. The album is dedicated to Natalya Katkova. Best recommendations. Cacophony of sound, a spitting of negative.

Not for all. Only for those free from love. Four analogue compasitions. Noise-ambient meditation full of love. First release in series dedicated to Natalya Katkova - the muse of Mudenoise. Cardboard sleeve with a sticker, unique for each copy. Release is sold out from the label. Released to coincide with their UK joint tour. Ltd x copies in a 6-panel outsized sleeve.

Ltd x copies. First-born darkness and withered sawdust of existence guided by Death Tongues of infamous ritual licking decomposing flesh. Flesh dominates, by kisses of gravestones are the paintings drawn. It just remains to "cover the bed with bodies".

The soul is ploughed up with mausoleums, the sun is jacked off Kiss me darkness! However, and not only for domestic: the previous album of this collective - " Saturating Cemetery " - has subdued hearts not only of Russian listeners, but also has been warmly met by the European and American audience. In the 30 of the best releases of in opinion of the biographer of Goth Mick Mercer "Saturating Cemetery " appeared in the first!

The matter is the unique sound of this collective. The leader of the project Yuri Zvezdniy is known as the brilliant master and the expert in work with an analog sound.

Together with his colleagues of band he puts horror into listeners, generating chilling up to depth of the soul, or forcing blood to begin to boil a mix from EBM, dark electro and ambient The basic musical direction based on sound of the old analog synthesizers, tape processing, physical modeling, guitar drive, magnificent programming, generously seasoned with naturalistic noise and sounds, a different sort of anxious rustles, vinyl effects, industrial Low Fi loops, iron sheets, ominous jingling of scythe and tribal-percussion of human bones, put listener in a mysterious atmosphere of a dark wood of the human consciousness The variety of vocal components gives the sounding of an album the unique, bright, expressive, sharp-sensual painting.

Here are cutting-through ears vocoder chorals replaced by quiet open pathetic singing of the soloist, and gentle, sometimes ethereal motives - wild growling of Anastasia Podnebesnaya Considering an unanimous opinion of the western critics, it is possible to say, that unique style of performance and the own style of this band which are out of habitual frameworks of the modern electro music, allows to tell about creativity of NECRO STELLAR as of the most interesting phenomenon which has arisen on the ground of their country's schwarze stage.

The style of this collective some conditionally name "VooDoo Electro", actually represents difficultly giving in to the description symbiosis of kraut, old school electro and modern electro, some moments seems like trance and experimental The band have co-operated with many known Russian electronicians. The stylistics varies from dark ambient and psychedelic rock to electro and cyber dark space. The mild synthetic beat that moves to dance rhythm, the classical contrast between low male vocal and ethereal female one.

The occult mystic atmosphere gives the special dark mood to the album. This release will be very interested to the fans of dark wave, synth-goth, dark electro and EBM. Necro Stellar -- "White Tranquility. The feat of our ancestors, the memory of them and the new revival of their immortal spirit in ourselves - are inseparably connected. Respect for ancestors strengthens the invisible connection of generations, opening ways in the world. Our ancestors, their acts, their victories and defeats are personification of us.

In this sense The White Tranquility represents an obelisk of memory and direct way in essence of our patrimonial ring, in the core of our sort filled with clemency and the inexpressible contents of spirit of the left ancestors Current degenerative tendencies of the western ideology try to cancel unprecedented universal heroism and a feat of brotherly Slavic people within the Second World War, trying to impose alien to our people pseudo-cultural and pseudo-cultural wealth.

The one who, having despised tombs of the ancestors, sates the body and soul with a substitute of a masscult, - loses connection of generations, tramples on the spirit and becomes an essence without kith or kin We shall remember that we are the great nation living on the great land We are to create the future.

Another noteworthy antagonism: this tendency to propose us ambiences that are excessively introspective, subdued, withdrawn into themselves, but which, at the same time, expand, subtly dilate to occupy an incommensurable space. Upon the first notes or pulses?? Limited to copies!

Deluxe cardboard sleeve. Mysterious drones, fascinating rhythms, industrial clanks and crackles, ritual loops. Live recording from the winter Limited to 61 copy in a handmade sleeve with photographs. OKOK Society is longtime active mystics working in the underground. Between automatic drawing, outsider art, collage and other streams of chaos magick, OKOK Society also does EVP Electroinic Voice Phenomena - these are sounds from beyond - mainly recorded voices, gotten using special technics of recording.

Beds of shoreless rivers cherished by lifeless smiles of Death. Noise of pulsating wind. The temple of timelessness - rearing hands of the Lord, eternal slow falling and breath of earth. Victims pampered by cold, faces of "pale Dostoevsky heroes" Patenbrigade: Wolff -- " Endlessly fascinated with what appears to others as the monotonous daily routines of a construction site, they early on became enraptured with loud and gigantic machines, the glare of orange safety vests, yellow hard hats, and striped cordoning tape.

However, the focus of their fervent adoration became the gravity-defying conductors in their seemingly never-ending tower cranes. Though it was clear to them that they did not want to turn their veneration into a career sic! The musical output of the self-styled tower crane conductors is an invitation to follow them on their mostly instrumental trips across the rooftops of any large city.

Majestically swiveling tower cranes, passing clouds, the hectic flurry of traffic, skyscraper silhouettes. The by now 9th release named ''Demokratischer Sektor'' offers a retrospective and looks back on the last 4 years of the Berlin duo Lance Murdock and Sven Wolff This is a best of - release with all singles and club hits included, completed with new songs such as 'Stalinalleee' and 'Schusswechsel' and remixes from a.

KiEW, Absurd Minds. Also Sara Noxx has lend her characteristic cold voice for the songs ''Gefahrstoffe' and 'Krantransport'. The special thing about 'Demokratischer Sektor' is that it has been recorded as a single track that lasts more than 74 minutes, with all songs flowing into each other.

Klingler, aka PBK. Collaborating with some of the most brilliant experimental musicians from around the world, PBK has created a work of exceptional depth and complexity. Most of the album was created in during the height of the Bush administration crackdown on human rights via the Patriot Act.

The resulting album reveals a new vernacular for dark ambient isolationist music and is an important key to understanding PBK's ambitions in the world of sound. Seeking expression through the use of drones, natural or man-made acoustic sounds, digital glitching and turntable noise, the effect is one of surrealistic juxtaposition, not jarring, but totally organic sounding, that can be listened to and savored in an intellectual way.

Packed in an unusual cardboard "mirror-sleeve". Petersburg label YAOP: remote concrete noises and plenty of samples. Thick paper sleeve. First gig was played in a garage on Jan 7th, in Fryazino Moscow region.

In April they recorded the demo album entitled "Scream" Krik. In late November they also released a split with Brazilian band Agamenon Project. The mask without a face to hold. The depression of the hunter after the deer is killed. It is better to be hungry than to have eaten.

As fantasy shatters under the whip of reality, erotic malaise settles in the nest of the mind inverting this dormant fuel to rekindle the endless cycle of sexual chaos. Reutoff vs. First edition of copies. Satori provide their trademark deep, underground, pounding electronics, here with a ritualistic dark soundtrack atmosphere, while Gilmore bestows a seething tirade against the weakness of the modern world!

The album explores this phenomena, manipulating Fortean sounds and deep dark ambience. Schnitzler studied under Joseph Beuys before joining an early Tangerine Dream. Their first album Electronic Meditation shows a band highly influenced by Schnitzler's unique, singular approach.

Looking back at Conrad Schnitzler's career it becomes obvious that he was an architecht who helped draw the blueprints for some very significant musical movements. Perhaps overlooked, or at least desperately underappreciated, it hasn't slowed Schnitzler down. Since leaving Kluster Conrad Schnitzler has composed dillegently for electronics and piano. Russian edition of the album with a bonus track. An aural journey through the urban decay of abandoned factories, scorched landscapes and underground passageways.

But who would complain? The music of Svalbard is a mixture of electronic military-pop and acoustic neofolk with some neoclassical elements and historical samples. Unlike many of todays act on martial scene, this project is not just a clone of its successful cult predecessors, it has its own unique face, combining great enthusiasm with strong ability to compose catchy melodies, which are destined to be popular hits on the scene.

The debut MCD "Treue Vaterland Jugend" is about the struggle as an imminent component of life, the life that is consolidated with suffering and hope, when every moment given by Eternity is to be used to return to the roots. The release comes in a deluxe full-colour vinyl-like embossed cardboard cover with printed inner sleeve and partial UV-laquering. Walton has stripped some of the songs to their bare bones and allowed them space to breathe again.

This album is all-new but continues the atmosphere of the debut and can be considered a companion piece. Presented in a matt-laminate, spot-varnished digipak. The two joined in to work on F.

Den LXV live set, later they decided to collaborate and improvise together to create a new entity. Andrea Ferraris joined the band in the early days of , contributing to define further on the sonic identity of the combo.

Ur music is mostly based on improvisation that usually starts with drones or samples with no pre-definite structure , to which they superimpose layers of electro-acoustic noisescapes coming from objects, field recordings, analog and traditional instruments processed using a load of pedals and effects.

The sound ends painting a solid, harsh and dramatic industrial lounge where archaic instincts and modern obsessions meet. It's quite sad, melancholic but giving hope synth ambient music reminding the feeling when the world stops. Inner contradictions end, leaving pure watch. The most beautiful and sensitive music ever released on Perineum.

We are links in an enormous chain. But anxiety on what be going on and to our place in him. What does take a place? Again living improvisation record in characteristic stilistike and melodic, for this time most raw from all of written down.

By the clean eyes of child in the World. There are not rehearsals, in this life nobody enables you to rehearse. Stream of the deep experiencing for the moment of flying in critical moment, extremely short interval of time, is all of life before eyes.

As symbolical sleep. Time as is there a clock? No, time is deep thoughtful. Guitars, drums and perkussiya, vocals and flutes, dear mother, sun and birds. Scattered explosions, shots, crackles, complaints or laments. Only our guest, Kurdish sufi musician Mobin Dunen softens the crawling tension.

His ney bringing our clamour down to a silent light thread. Now Von Magnet signs a harsh, raw, urgent and poetical piece, mixed and produced flawlessly by master Norscq. Another dary fusion which binds classical music flavours with oriental rhythms, tribal percussions within neo industrial electronic soundscapes.

Here orient is not any more sensual and phantasmagoric, it is rigid and almost cold. Here occident is no more sparkling and victorious, it is sad and decadent.

Nevertheless "neither predator nor prey" is the length of rope which suddenly ties them up, confronting our hearts to dive close to the abyss. Founded as an own vision of Futurism by Wyndham Lewis and expressed in the legendary magazine Blast Vorticism defined the artist as someone gaining creative power and inspiration out of the chaotic vortex of creative energy.

The name was introduced by the Vorticist protagonist Ezra Pound who also coined the phrase 'phanopoeia': the idea of creating poetry for all senses. The music of Vortex pays audiovisual homage to the great Vorticist art. Psychedelic drones, ritual drums, processed sounds, glimpses of acoustic harmony, and original sound documents are blended to grant a holistic sensory experience. Vortex, the solo-project of a :Golgatha:-member, transcends the limits of dark ambient soundtracks on a quest for the unknown.

Vortex is pure psychoactive energy. We announce first Release of new Vetvei label - the second album of Vresnit. It sounds like north archaic droning sonic tarpertry inspired by natural symbolism. Dancing trees, singing birds chtonic beasts following the everturning wheel of Cycle.

Days, nights, seasons, conditions and births walk in lines. Low, reverb drowned, drums and lightweight flutes, percussion and distant, beckoning voices.

Strange rythm goes through numerious shimmering acoustic surfaces - curved branches and veined leaves intervowen. Wind raises the eyes and hands of the wanderer, harsh blizzards crave his hands with the letters of everlasting Knowledge and names of every living thing Originally released on Nightshift Records This time it is a profound journey into the depth of earth - "Earth Breath", the 6th Wejdas album.

It shivers with magic tenebrous ambient and entrancing tribal parts, fey poetry and solid modern sound. Highly empyreal atmosphere with strong ethnic experience. The album has 8 parts and takes your mind away for min. After more than 10 years of wait and a fistful of smaller releases, "Memories from the pigsty" is the first full length CD, displaying a sound rooted in a mix of full frontal power electronics and industrial music with a plethora of samples and very aggressive vocals.

All words and lyrics should be interpreted as a real life diary which paints human landscapes describing domestic violence, white trash mentality, ghetto culture and street life in general. A real breakthrough for the Italian power electronic industrial scene, long overdue manifesto of Marco Deplano.

In contrast to the main project's cold, sharply conceptual and monumental style, West State's music rather reminds of movie soundtracks that combine sci-fi with action, drama and a little romance. Here's what the musicians say: "We created West State to develop the ideas that appealed to us but did not fit in the framework of Cyclotimia, our core project.

This explains why our work has been spontaneous and sporadic, and some of the tracks remained unfinished for years on end. Besides, West State embraces some of the tracks that were originally meant for Cyclotimia. Despite the seemingly eclectic content and its being created at different times and on different equipment, the result is a complete and self-contained album, not a compilation".

Insane drive. Then comes the time of heart-rending industrial ritual with bass guitar, radio and unhealthy plaints. Fifth track is a dark string-industrial insanity. Second disk includes a cover-version of Merzbow track by Noumen, all the lyrics from the album, a photo gallery, a manifest about the album and two attendant field recordings in mp3 format. Cold blood and frozen soil. Vocal and keys, conditional rhythm and fixative continuation of points.

In the moment of finding of object carrying out Life in area of a bit naive surprise great conformities to the law and sincere. Cleanness of smooth submerged in the unchanging vector of Onward. For this time we have tried to capture all possible national dark-scene spectrum and to present the audience the gold of domestic bands of such different genres as classical gothic-rock, electro-goth, dark wave, ethereal, industrial ambient and apocalyptic folk This release includes tracks of the Russian bands that are very popular not only in Russia but also abroad.

Except for known band's names the compilation includes a number of the young musicians who also possess a great potential and talent. This release consists of two CDs that distinguish by the certain stylistic and at the same time they're united by unique art concept. It includes the tracks of 34 bands! The most part of the tracks are published with marks: previously unreleased and exclusive recordings.

We could hardly realize how the underground became the property of the multitude. But it did and the t's were crossed. Such radical changes occurred before our eyes that we, because of our naivety, could not even imagine. The young Russian scene lost its originality in chase of the global standards… But still there are people who are much more interested in the music that belongs to where commercial logic doesn't work.

In spite of the fact that sometimes it's not very qualitative in terms of sound and often recorded in home studios with the use of lo-fi equipment still it has one advantage: it is made by those for whom the feeling of creative excitement is more important than material welfare. The second volume of Colours of Black as well as the first one consists of the artists who are not interested in how many copies of their records have they sold, how many complimentary reviews and comments have they received and how major their labels are.

They are not the worst or the best as music has never been sport… Our compilation is just an attempt to define what the true independent Russian dark scene is like now. This is also a dedication to our good friend and true comrade Eduard Chernyshov whose enthusiasm, energy, activity and creativity once gave birth to Heilige Feuer festival and who has sadly passed away in late The limited collector's edition is made on a black paper and also includes 4 full-colour postcards with photos made on the concert.

The sound that makes us want to run away from ourselves and then come back. That's the sound of the haunting voices of the fading nature, whispering to us that it is fading, slowly and nobly, and calling us to follow after her, coating us with thousands of haunting voices.

Romantic darkwave and ethereal have become very popular among domestic underground audience practically from the moment of it's foundation. And it is difficult to say why. May be thanks to the romantic, tragic and the beauty of the music that are very appreciated by Russians and may be thanks to the disposition of the people who formed such style to the experiments and unavailability to understanding of their music:.

But we could say with the assurance that being such popular this style of the music is elite in some way At the very beginning of the genre foundation almost all bands had it's own face and style.

But in the course of time there were more and more imitators and it's find really difficult to find something that could draw attention This compilation includes the most interesting to our opinion representatives of these genres on the modern scene.

Ultra rare. A cult. Three-colour silk-screened cover. Patrick Purdy was the bastard who opened fire on the schoolchildren in Stockton, CA. Comes with a booklet with the history of the killer. Full-colour A4 sleeve, a poster, chrome cassette. The album is dedicated to Black Sabbath.

Shoot with several cameras and recorded to multi-channel device with later studio mix and careful video post-production, this brilliant concert from one of the best neofolk bands is a great example of state-of-the art concert movie which is so rare on the dark scene. The release comes in a deluxe full-colour vinyl-like embossed cardboard cover with printed inner sleeve. Petersburg on August 3, Bonus - video track of Veprisuicida solo-project of Alexander Lebedev-Frontov.

In Russian language. An abstrakt conception of the confrontation between the surreal and real world artificial ambient versus realistic industrial sound. The meditative character of the compositions is brightened by discharges of a kind of radioactive irradiation, representing the fleeing moments of understanding.

The formation aims for purity of expressive means in an effort to accentuate the role of the primarily suppressed and ignored spiritual dimension of our world,while pointing to the importance of the liminal "structures" of our perception. That time released in a postercover and available now again in a Digipak with booklet.

Brilliand brain numbing power-electronics. Sixty-four minutes of thick electronics, droning waves, distant echoing vocals, subtle rhythmic loops, rumbling basses and some higher piercing frequencies. Finally available again. Apoptose's third album explores dystopian locations: the undergrounds of Japanese megacities, the depths of worldwide data highways, the nightmares of little children.

The seven tracks express images of a desolate and dying world, far removed from the solitude of the beloved Northern woods. A world lacking daylight and oxygen. A bleak vision of reality. Over the years, several of these tracks made their way to compilation CDs all over the globe.

There they laid dormant to be reunited some day to form this album. In autumn , Apoptose joined forces with Japanese cyberpunk author Kenji Siratori to complete the cycle. On this album, Apoptose works for the first time with spoken word lyrics.

Featured languages are Japanese, English, and German. The CD is housed in an embossed 6-panel cardboard cover with an additional booklet. Nordvargr has also contributed with additional arrangements on a couple of tracks, and prepared a slightly modified track list, which will feature on the vinyl version of the album that will follow soon, together with a limited edition box set.

The CD version is presented in a deluxe glossy Digipak, with embossed artwork. Filled with fascinating colors of a wood in October, where a lonely soul can find the tranquility of the deepest meditation. In case you didn't know.

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  5. redukt Synthetische Mischgewebe, Das / TBC - Split - CD EUR. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe is Guido Hübner, living in Cean, France. He is some of the leading modern electro-acustic composers of today.
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  8. Pour le premier projet, il s‘agissait d‘un portage dont l‘adaptation et le jeu initial étaient la propriété d‘Ubisoft. Le deuxième cas était l‘adaptation d‘un film en jeu réalisé pour un licenceur. Grâce à une étude de cas, trois éléments ont pu être dégagés. Tout d‘abord, chacun des projets a.
  9. Das Synthetische Mischgewebe discography and songs: Music profile for Das Synthetische Mischgewebe, formed Genres: Industrial, Noise, Musique concrète. Albums include Tulpas, Rien ni personne - A French Compilation, and Thee Book.

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